Five reasons to visit Gangneung, Korea

Image: Gen Hyung Lee/Pixabay
Image: Gen Hyung Lee/Pixabay

Five reasons to visit Gangneung, Korea

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With the successful hosting of the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea in 2018, nearby cities have become popular tourist areas, one of which is Gangneung. 

Located in Gangwon-do, the small resort city has many things to do and see in all four seasons, including beautiful beaches and stunning nature.

It is also home to Gangneung Danoje, the longest-running summer harvest festival where people come to share and enjoy food and games and is held each year to worship the guardian spirit of a mountain that protects the town.

If you’re looking for a great trip within Korea, here are five reasons to consider giving Gangneung a go on your next trip.

Its location offers four distinct seasons
Gangneung is located in Gangwon-do, with PyeongChang, Yangyang, and Sokcho also nearby making Gangneung quite accessible for a short day trip. It is probably more convenient to rent a car as the distances between the towns can be quite far.

With summertime highs near 30’C and wintertime lows near averaging -4’C daily, you can enjoy a warm climate during the summer, and experience a cold, snowy winter.

Local beaches and the beautiful sunrise
Gangneung is located on the east coast, alongside the beautiful blue East Sea. Anmok Beach and Gangmun Beach have many Instagram-worthy photo spots, and if you want to see a stunning sunrise, Jeongdongjin is the most famous in the country to catch the first sunrise each year in Korea.

Image: Donghe Lee/Pixabay

Tasty local food
Ongsim and Kalguksu are popular local foods, while squid sundae and cockle bibimbap are also famous and can be bought in the local markets. Fresh seafood is also abundant in the area.

Head on out to a sheep ranch
In Daegwallyeong near Gangneung, there are many ranches, but only one that has sheep. At the Daegwallyeong sheep ranch, enjoy an afternoon in the surrounding nature, take a walk, and experience feeding sheep.

Especially in winter, the views become more scenic because of the snow. The entrance fee is very cheap at under 10,000 won.

Take a break from city life
As Gangneung is a city surrounded by sea and mountains, it is a very natural place where you can take a break from city life and experience the fresh air that the countryside provides.

Image: Chaewon Seo/Pixabay

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