Free passage on some private roads in Gyeongnam Province during Chuseok

Free passage on some private roads in Gyeongnam Province during Chuseok

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Gyeongnam province announced that in line with the government’s Chuseok holiday highway toll exemption policy, free tolls would be implemented on some private roads managed by Gyeongnam Province during the Chuseok holidays this year for four days.

During this Chuseok holiday, Machang Bridge and the two private roads between Changwon and Busan are free.

The toll-free time is for 4 days from 00:00 on Friday, September 9, the day before Chuseok, to 12:00 pm on Monday, September 12, the last day of the Chuseok holiday.

When entering the tollgate, drivers can use the road for free if they enter the tollgate and pass through the high-pass lane for vehicles equipped with a high-pass terminal, and non-high-pass vehicles into the general lane.

The number of vehicles receiving free toll benefits during the Chuseok holiday is expected to reach 470,000 vehicles during the four days of the holiday, including 230,000 using Machang Bridge and using the 240,000 Changwon – Busan roads.

Geoga Bridge, however, will still charge a toll to cross.

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