Gijang-gun to create ‘Jwagwangcheon Light River Road’

Image: Gijang-gun
Image: Gijang-gun

Gijang-gun to create ‘Jwagwangcheon Light River Road’

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Gijang-gun has begun an initiative called the ‘Jwagwangcheon Light River Road’ project with the aim to enhance the nighttime scenery surrounding Jwagwangcheon, Jeonggwan-eup.

With a budget of 1.8 billion won allocated, the county intends to create a captivating environment for residents and visitors alike.

Key elements of the project include installing light sculptures in Jwagwangcheon, developing waterside trails, and establishing parks.

To ensure the successful execution of the project, the county plans to engage in a comprehensive design service.

This service will involve activities such as devising a night landscape plan and developing content for night tourism.

The design service is scheduled to commence in July, enabling the county to move closer to its vision of an enchanting nighttime experience in the area.

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