Gwangam Beach opens as a family-specialized beach

Image: Changwon City
Image: Changwon City

Gwangam Beach opens as a family-specialized beach

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

The city of Changwon will be officially opened as a family-specialized beach this year.

Closed in 2002 because of the deterioration of water quality in the area, the city plans to once again resume operations at the small beach after a wastewater treatment facility was built and the water quality has been deemed suitable to swim last year.

The 220m x 30m beach includes a variety of convenience and safety facilities including a picnic area, shower room, changing room, restroom, and a resting facility.

The city has added fine sand to prepare for the opening of this year. In addition, they expanded the outdoor shower room, installed facilities for the disabled, an outdoor canopy, and temporary parking.

They plan to provide visitors with a variety of activities and experiences, including a sandy experience during the opening season, a children’s water playground, a beach movie screening, a beach festival, and more.

The beach for swimming in Changwon is located in Habpo-gu, Masan in Gyeongsannam-do.

It will be open until August 18th.

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