Gyeongnam Beaches are set to begin their summer operations

by Haps Staff
haps Magazine Korea

Beaches in Gyeongnam province are set to begin their summer operations from next week.

Some of the local beaches will open one week earlier this year, starting with Mongdol Beach in Geoje-dong, on the 23rd.

Nine beaches in the Geoje area, including Wahyun, Gujora, Myungsa, Nongso, Deokpo, Mangchi, Mulan, Sakgook and Heungnam are scheduled to open for summer activities on the 30th.

Six other beaches in the Geoje area and five beaches in Tongyeong area, including Bijindo and Sacheon Namil beach will open on July 7th.

On the 6th day of the next month, five beaches in the Namhae region will also open.

Gwangam Beach in Changwon is also expected to open after 16 years of closure to the public.

The province spent 4 billion won to improve the facilities this year, and provide more safety so that visitors can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.

Over 300 people with life-saving certificates will be on patrol during the season with more life saving equipment on hand to prevent drownings.

The beach season will close on August 19th for all beaches in the province.

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