Gyeongnam Province becomes first in Korea to eradicate the use of artificial flowers in parks and cemeteries

Gyeongnam Province becomes first in Korea to eradicate the use of artificial flowers in parks and cemeteries

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Gyeongnam Province signed a business agreement to eradicate the use of plastic in parks and cemeteries to establish an eco-friendly memorial culture with the National Parks and Cemetery Association, the Boolean Branch, the Korea Flower Consortium, and the Yeongnam Flower and Horticultural Cooperative.

In the Gyeongnam region, artificial fibers containing about 177 tons of synthetic fibers and heavy metals occur every year, and if the raw materials are disposed of through incineration and landfill, there is a problem that can adversely affect the environment and the human body.

Accordingly, Gyeongnam Province established measures to eradicate the use of plastic artificial flowers throughout parks and cemeteries in the province and reached an agreement for the first time in the country at the regional level. 

Even park cemeteries that are not affiliated with the National Parks and Cemetery Association will enter into individual agreements with each city and county, and plan to lead the use of fresh flowers through continuous publicity.

According to the agreement, Gyeongnam Province will provide administrative support such as publicity, monitoring, and performance management to change the awareness of the residents. The contracting organizations agreed to participate in the reduction of plastic waste emissions through the use of fresh flowers and to develop products to stimulate the sale of fresh flowers.

Gyeongnam province is raising expectations for the realization of carbon neutrality through the reduction of plastic waste along with the spread of an eco-friendly memorial culture. 

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