Hampyeong Butterfly Festival April 26 - May 6

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Get back to nature this spring at the 21st annual Hampyeong Butterfly Festival in Jeollanam-do.

Held around the Hampyeong Expo Park area, ecological wetlands and Hwayang Neighborhood Park, the festival gives a unique opportunity to experience the popular local butterflies in their natural setting.

According to the Visit Korea website, the theme of the festival is “Follow the butterflies through beautiful roads to Hampyeong”.

The festival is full of various hands-on programs, exhibitions and performances themed on butterflies, flowers, and insects.

The festival runs from April 26th through May 6th.

Event Information
Location: Hampyeong Expo Park area, ecological wetlands and Hwayang Neighborhood Park

Adults 7,000 won / Group 6,000 won
Teenagers 5,000 won / Group: 4,000 won
Children & Seniors: 3,000 won / Group: 2,000 won
(Group: 20 people or more)

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