'Hands of Harmony' and more to enjoy in Pohang, South Korea

Photos by ChiHon Kim
Photos by ChiHon Kim

'Hands of Harmony' and more to enjoy in Pohang, South Korea

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Pohang, in the northern part Gyeongsang-do Province, is a port city known for its beautiful swimming beaches, Jukdo Market, which serves up the freshest catches, and the “Hands of Harmony” bronze sculpture in Homigot. Back in college, my friends and I used to make our way there for much-needed rest and relaxation during the summer break.


Homi Peninsula is a 30-minute-drive from Pohang Jukdo Market. Many Koreans liken this piece of land to the shape of a tiger, and the small Homi Peninsula is an area that corresponds to the tail of the tiger. Homigot, located at the foot of the Homi Peninsula, is the best spot to see the New Year sunrise because it is the easternmost point in South Korea.

“Hands of Harmony” sculpture

From Homigot, you’ll see giant hand sculptures known as the “Hands of Harmony.” Both stand facing each other and represent coexistence and harmony. While the right-hand sculpture is partly submerged in the ocean, the left is on the square on dry ground. Homigot Square is a beautiful place to greet the New Year.

Snow Crab

Guryongpo, a peaceful port town that is 15 minutes away from Homigot, is famous for its snow crab along with Yeongdeok. Between March and May every year, foodies from all over the country flock here to eat largest and fattest hard crabs at the best prices.

Old Japanese House Street

Stop at the old Japanese district in Guryongpo for interesting sights and a history lesson. This area housed Japanese fisherman and merchants during the Japanese colonial period. It is great place to get a glimpse of the fishing village’s old architecture.

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