Heal in the Smart Garden of Ena Mall in Jinju

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Heal in the Smart Garden of Ena Mall in Jinju

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Jinju City made a final inspection and opened two smart gardens installed in the central plaza of the Ena Mall underground shopping center in Jinju City on the 22nd.

The Smart Garden is an indoor garden creation project supervised by the Korea Forest Service. It is a new concept all-season indoor garden that maintains automatic irrigation and lighting by applying automation technology using the Internet of Things (IOT). The city invested 60 million won in total project cost and installed two locations in the Ena Mall underground shopping mall.

In consideration of the characteristics of underground shopping malls with large space limitations, the Ena Mall Smart Garden, which was created as a wall type, purifies the air such as Skin Daxus, Coral Water, Melanie Rubber Tree, Anthurium, Spatti Film, etc. that help reduce air pollutants such as fine dust and formaldehyde.

About 828 plants with excellent ability were planted. In addition, an automatic system that controls water supply, lighting, and air purification are installed to help create a comfortable indoor environment.

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