Heal your body and mind at a summer tourist destination in Gyeongnam

Image: Jinju CIty
Image: Jinju CIty

Heal your body and mind at a summer tourist destination in Gyeongnam

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Gyeongnam province has selected 13 non-face-to-face safe tourist destinations so that people can find healing tourist spots where they can keep their distance in their daily life.

In order to heal the body and mind tired from the prolonged COVID-19 in the summer season, here is an introduction to nature-friendly, non-face-to-face, safe tourist destinations where people can easily find rest and healing.

The 13 selections were based on natural environments where there is not a lot of contact between tourists because it is not an enclosed place with limited space, and it was selected based on recommendations from the city and county.

Yangmasan Mulbit-gil — Jinju

Yangmasan Mulbit-gil is a 15.3 km trail that purifies the Yangmasan hiking trail from the Jinyangho Park Observatory to Sangnakwon and Myeongseok Gahwa-ri. 

Course 1 is a course that goes around the back gate of Jinyangho Park and passes through the Sangchon three-way intersection, where you can take a break while enjoying the scenery of Jinyangho Lake at the sky rest area and waterside observation deck that appears when you run out of breath after crossing the octagonal pavilion of Yangmasan Mountain. 

Course 2 goes through Sangnagwon at the back gate of Jinyangho Lake, and it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes on foot, so it is suitable for busy modern people. It is a place where you can enjoy a quiet lake and cypress forest bathing. It is popular with tourists and hikers who visit Jinyang Lake because you can purify your eyes while looking at the calm and calm Jinyang Lake and feel the phytoncide in the cypress forest clear your head.

Tongyeong Ecological Forest — Tongyeong

Tongyeong Ecological Forest is composed of a walking trail for temperate plants, a forest deck, an outdoor forest education center, an observatory, and a resting forest on a total area of ​​50 hectares. 

As you walk through the Tongyeong Ecological Forest, there are observatories and gardens in various places where you can see the Tongyeong Canal and Mireuksan. In addition, you can meet the trees of various species that are breathing in the ecological forest through the story of trees by a forest commentator. The forest commentary program is for all age groups, and the ‘Doritgol Children’s Forest Experience Center‘ in the Tongyeong Ecological Forest, which is officially registered with the Korea Forest Service, operates the forest education for children.

Namildae Beach — Sacheon

Chi -won Choi, a university student at the end of the Silla Dynasty, admired the blue sea, the silvery sandy beach, and the superb view surrounding it like a folding screen. You can enjoy various water leisure activities such as a zip line experience as if you are flying over the sea, dynamic jet skiing, and a banana boat, so you can feel the coolness and excitement of summer at the same time. 

At the end of the beach on the east side of the beach, there is ‘Elephant Rock‘, a rock in the shape of an elephant drinking seawater, which adds to the enjoyment of viewing.

Jangyudaecheong Valley — Gimhae

A 6 km-long valley formed at the foot of Mt. Bulmo, where clear water flows through the dense forest to form a waterfall, and the scenery is outstanding.

In summer, it serves as a resting place for the citizens of Gimhae. If you go up the valley for about 30 minutes, you will find Jangyusa Temple, and within its grounds is the stupa of Jangyuhwasang, who is said to have spread Buddhism to Korea for the first time. 

The recently opened Yongjibong National Recreational Forest consists of 16 accommodation facilities and 4 auxiliary facilities. Daecheong Urban Forest has a bamboo rest area, a bamboo forest path, and a children’s forest experience center, so you can enjoy forest bathing to your heart’s content. There are various restaurants and famous cafes such as octopus so it is good to enjoy a food tour.

⑤ Myungsa Temple Historic Site ( Miryang ) = The Myungyeong Ambassador Historic Site consists of a symbol plaza , a memorial hall , a memorial yard , a statue , a waterfront park , a walking trail , and a lotus tower ( children’s play facility ) . A bamboo forest path , a deck path, and a loess path have been created in the reservoir next to the historic site , and a palm mat and deck path have been created on the way to the graves of the grandparents and parents of Ambassador Myeongseong . For visitors from families with children, a lotus flower-shaped four -story tower is installed where children can develop a sense of adventure and have fun experiences, and there are various convenience facilities such as a bamboo forest , a deck road , and a shade house as a healing space for visitors . As the aging A total of 5.5 billion won was spent to reorganize the memorial and park .

⑥ Jeogu Hydrangea Garden & Rainbow Road ( Geoje ) = From mid- June to mid- July every year , along the coastal road of Nambu-myeon, colorful hydrangea flowers that seem to have transferred the color of the sea color Nambu- myeon . The Hydrangea Festival was held at the Jeogu Port Maemuldo Ferry Terminal Dock and Hydrangea Garden in order to publicize the beauty of Nambu-myeon, which is blessed with natural scenery, and the ‘ Hydrangea ‘ , the queen of summer flowers that has been cultivated for 20 years . Ssanggeun ~ Jeogu Rainbow Road is popular among trekkers because it is good for a quiet walk and beautiful scenery . You can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the observatory at sunset while walking along the rainbow path where you can enjoy the mountains and the sea together .

⑦ Naewonsa Valley ( Yansan ) = Naewonsa Valley is one of the representative valleys in the eastern Gyeongnam region . The valley flowing cool and clear through the dense forest under the quiet Naewonsa Temple is surrounded by unique rocks, reminiscent of an oriental painting . It has been called Sogeumgang River since ancient times because of its beautiful scenery that flows through the four seasons . Since the water is not deep, especially in summer, soaking your feet in the cold valley water in the shade of a cool tree, it is perfect for people of all ages to enjoy .

⑧ Okcheon Valley ( Changnyeong ) = The Okcheon Valley, formed by a meandering water path from the top of Hwawangsan at 757m above sea level , is considered one of the best vacation spots for summer vacationers thanks to the cool and refreshing water flow and the refreshing breeze from the Hwawangsan forest . The Okcheon Valley at the foot of Hwawangsan Mountain and the surrounding greenery and cool shades serve as a shelter for tourists to fully enjoy the coolness of Okcheon Valley . Also, in Okcheon, Changnyeong, an indispensable food is the pine pine dish . As summer approaches, restaurants large and small along the Okcheon Valley are busy preparing to welcome guests such as vacationers . If you have the opportunity to visit Okcheon Valley, it will be a delicacy during your vacation to taste pine pine .

⑨ Danghangpo Tourist Site ( Goseong ) = Starting in 2006 , the World Dinosaur Expo has been held every three years, and it is a multi-purpose tourist destination where children, families, and couples can enjoy together with various themes . It is a site where Admiral Yi Sun-sin annihilated 57 Japanese ships twice during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, and there are various themed exhibition halls such as the Dinosaur Nara Botanical Garden with rare trees and the Dinosaur Character Hall, which is full of things to see . In addition , you can enjoy various marine leisure sports such as sailing , windsurfing , rafting , and kayaking in the waters off Dang Port in the Mediterranean Sea in Korea . Above all, it is possible to use pensions and auto campgrounds in the tourist attractions, so it will be a trip without regrets with the night scenery full of twinkling lights during the splendid light festival with the opening at night in the summer season .

⑩ Sangju Eunmorae Beach ( Namhae ) = Sangju Eunmorae Beach, which has the most beautiful scenery in Namhae, offers a short break in the hot summer with a fan-shaped white sandy beach and pine forest surrounding it . The small islands spread out before your eyes surround the sea in the shape of a lake , and the waves are calm and the water is warm, making it a perfect retreat for families . In addition , let’s visit Geumsan Mountain and Boriam Rock, which is said to be one of the three greatest places of prayer in Korea and has a legend that only one wish will always be granted !

⑪ Hadongho Sanjunghosu- gil ( Hadong ) = Hadongho is an artificial lake created together with the Hadong Dam, which was built to block the Mukgyecheon Stream flowing through Jungiri, Cheongam-myeon, Hadong-gun to supply agricultural water to Hadong-gun and Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam- do . In the area around Pyeongchon-ri , Sangiri-ri, Jungi-ri, Cheongam-myeon, Hadong-gun, Sanjung Lake is formed in the Cheongam Valley and is also called Cheongam Lake . The reflection of the mountain on the lake reminds you of decalcomani, and you can feel the freshness, so you can forget the afflictions of everyday life in the picturesque scenery .

⑫ Mt. Jirisan Jungsan-ri Valley ( Sancheong ) = The Jungsan-ri Valley, which comes from Cheonwangbong, the highest peak of Mt. The water is clear and cool like crystal and the surrounding scenery is outstanding, so it has been a favorite valley for many people to escape from the heat since ancient times . Beopcheon Falls, Yuam Falls , Mumyeong Falls, as well as Beopcheon Falls , Yuam Falls , and Mumyeong Falls are located in Beopcheon Valley, the main valley that makes up the Jungsan-ri Valley . The state is a mysterious valley .

⑬ Jeongyang Leports Park ( Hapcheon ) = Jeongyang Leports Park, located in a place where people and rivers can become most familiar, has a wide river and a sandy beach that is nicer than the sea , and there is a campground with a wide gap on one side . Enjoy the abundance and relaxation of nature along the Hwanggang River, which is the basis of Hapcheon’s history and residents’ life, and leave your tiring daily life when social distancing is important . This is the perfect place to create comfortable and happy memories . In particular, there are cleaner toilets and cooking facilities than anywhere else , and benches and hammocks are located in the shade of trees , so you can sit comfortably and contemplate , and provide generous rest to those who visit nature .

For more information on the 13 non-face-to-face safe tourist spots in the summer season , check out the announcements on the Gyeongnam Tourism Guide website (http://tour.gyeongnam.go.kr) and the Gyeongnam-do Tourism Network (SNS) Facebook and Instagram. can.

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