Heal your body and mind tired from COVID-19 in Busan

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Heal your body and mind tired from COVID-19 in Busan

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The city of Busan is operating various civic healing programs to comfort the tired minds and bodies of citizens in the COVID-19 era and to restore a complete daily life.

According to the National Mental Health Survey released on the 3rd, the depression risk group and suicide thought rate were higher than before COVID-19.

As shown in these survey results, it is necessary to comfort the citizens who are exhausted physically and mentally due to social distancing and activity restrictions for a long period of time, and support for a quick recovery to daily life is needed.

First, the ‘Ocean Healing Program’ (busanmarinehealing.kr) operates Nordic walking, singing ball meditation, and yoga at 7 beaches in Busan, Suyeonggang, and Amir Park.

The Busan Disabled Parents Association and Haeundae-gu Welfare Center for the Disabled are operating travel expenses support programs for the rest of the developmentally disabled and their families.

The Busan Welfare Center for the Disabled Association is a tourism culture experience program for the disabled for theater, cultural and performance outings, and artistic activities.

In addition, from the end of July, the ‘Mental Friends Camellia-e Web Program’ will be released on the website of the Metropolitan Mental Health Welfare Center, and it is planning to provide a streaming service on mental health information and breathing methods.

Exhibitions and performances for citizens’ healing are also being operated or planned.

From May to July 10, the special exhibition ‘Meet the Buddha at Healing Time’ is running in the special exhibition room of the Busan Museum.

Among the programs planned are a special invitation performance by the Busan Metropolitan Orchestra for medical staff will be held at the Grand Theater of the Busan Cultural Center on July 7th.

From 1pm on July 11th at Busan City Hall, a special lecture by celebrities will be held under the theme of ‘better daily life than before — healthy life with residents in the village’ with the chairperson of the daily recovery committee.

For more information, check the COVID-19 notice board on the Busan website.

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