Historical Site: Deokcheon Seowon in Sancheong-gun

Image: Sancheong-gun
Image: Sancheong-gun

Historical Site: Deokcheon Seowon in Sancheong-gun

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

Built in 1576 as a memorial to Confucian scholar Cho Shik, Deokcheon Seowon in Sangcheon-gun in South Gyeongsang Province was reopened in the 1930s after being closed at the end of the 19th century.

Cho Shik was known under his penname Nammyeong and was considered one of the greatest writers in the Joseon Dynasty.

Image: Sancheong-gun

Today, it stands as a memorial to scholars of the day and was designated South Gyeongsang Tangible Cultural Property #89.

Currently, baek il hong, or 100-day flowers, are currently in bloom providing a lovely accompaniment to the historical backdrop.

Admission is free.

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