Hotspots in Gyeongnam for wedding and life photos

Hotspots in Gyeongnam for wedding and life photos

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Gyeongnam province has recently released a list of 17 hotspots for wedding photos and for couples looking for a great Instagram-worthy shot.

As many couples have had to change their wedding plans due to coronavirus, many have turned to local destinations to get a great photo to create new memories.

The 17 hotspots include:

Dal Park, Tongyeong — A popular spot for photographers for its spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Seopirang, Tongyeong — Its western slope facing the mural village has always been a couple’s favorite photo spot.

Image: Sacheon City

Namildae Beach & Elephant Rock, Sacheon — A popular nature spot with clear blue skies and sandy beaches along with the famous elephant rock.

Daeseong-dong Ancient Tombs, Gimhae — The small hills provide an exquisite backdrop for any photos.

Bonghwang-dong Ruins, Gimhae —  Blue skies provide a scenic backdrop to the popular photo location for couples.

Flower Saemaul Village, Milyang — Located on the mountainside, fairytale photos can be had from the flowers and mountain landscape.

Geunpo Village Cave, Geoje — A recent resurgence in tourism has made it one of the hotspots on Korean SNS for couples.

Wind Hill, Geoje — A spectacular backdrop for photos has made it a popular place for couples for years.

Goryeo Historic Site, Haman — Historical sites provide a unique backdrop, and this 600-year-old entrance is no different.

Hakdong Village Stone Wall Road, Goseong — A unique stone wall with a footpath provides fantastic shots.

Horticultural Art Village, Namhae — Various gardens around the site provide beautiful photos for couples.

Image: Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Festival website

Maeam Tea Garden, Hadong — Beautiful tea gardens add amazing color to any couple’s photos.

Namsayedam Village, Sancheong — Designated the number 1 small village in Korea, the coniferous tree has been a favorite destination for new couples for years.

Hamian Wine Valley, Hamyang — Enjoy a glass of wine with the beautiful shots of the wine region.

Lee Sumi Farmberry, Gocheong — A healing complex cultural space with attractive pensions and farmhouse cafes.

Image: Hapcheon-gun

Video Theme Park, Hapcheon — A popular and unique wedding photo site that lets you recreate the appearance of years gone by with unique costumes.

Hapcheon Hwangmaesan, Sancheong — Silver grass and the green summer plains have made here one of the top hotspots for couple photos.

You can check out more about tourism in Gyeongnam province on their official website


Image by Wendy Corniquet from Pixabay

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