Hwalcheon Blossom Flower Forest Road in Gimhae, South Korea

Image: Gimhae City
Image: Gimhae City

Hwalcheon Blossom Flower Forest Road in Gimhae, South Korea

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Gimhae City has additionally planted flowers on the Hwalcheon Flower Forest Road (1075 Eobang-dong area) with 108,000 bulbs in an area of ​​3,000 square meters with a project cost of 115 million won.

The Hwalcheon Blossom Forest Road is a 30m wide, 1.7km long, 43,155㎡ area of ​​buffer green zone, an urban planning facility created between the industrial complex and the roadside entering Sambang-dong from Donggimhae IC during the Eobang Industrial District development project in 1997. It is a representative urban forest of Gimhae City, which has been 25 years since this year.

At the time of establishment, the width was 30m, more than three times wider than the 10m width of the green buffer zone prescribed by law, in order to prevent noise and smoke generated from the Eobang Industrial Zone from flowing into the city. There was a problem that shrubs could not grow.

Accordingly, Gimhae City planted 504,000 flowers that are strong in the shade and can produce a splendid landscape annually for 8 years from 2015 to 2022, and in March of last year, after collecting opinions from residents, the ‘Hwalcheon Blossom Flower Forest Path’ was created in the Eobang buffer green zone.

The residents of Hwalcheon-dong held the 1st Hwacheon Flower Festival on the Hwalcheon Flower Forest Road in 2017 under the auspices of the Eohyangto Development Association to cherish this space and promote culture. In September of last year, the Gimhae Flower Festival Promotion Committee successfully held the 5th festival.

The Gimhae City Flower Festival is held every September along the Hwalcheon Flower Forest Road in line with the blooming season.

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