Hwamyeong Arboretum: Busan's largest urban arboretum

Image: Hwamyeong Arboretum website
Image: Hwamyeong Arboretum website

Hwamyeong Arboretum: Busan's largest urban arboretum

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Opened in 2013, the Hwamyeong Arboretum was built over 110,000 square meters of land in Buk-gu.

As the largest urban arboretum in Busan, the Hwamyeong Arboretum consists of 190,000 trees of 1,052 different species.  

Image: Hwamyeong Arboretum website

With a lovely variety of plants both outdoors during spring or year-round at the greenhouses, discover a splendid respite from the city next to the beautiful Geumjeong Mountain backdrop.

Various experience programs are available for free and nearly 4,000 subtropical plants are located inside the greenhouses.

Image: Hwamyeong Arboretum website

Park Information
Open: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (March to October) 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (November – February)
Entrance is possible until 1 hour before closing.

January 1, New Year’s Day, Chuseok
Every Monday (the following day if Monday is a national holiday)

Admission & Parking: Free

Getting there: From Hwamyeong-dong: Subway Line 2 ➜ Hwamyeong Station (Exit 6) ➜ Town Bus (No. 1, 10 minutes by bus) ➜ Flower Arboretum

From Geumjeong-gu: City Bus (No. 203, 15 minutes) to Sansung Village➜ Village bus (No. 1, 10 minutes by bus) ➜ Flower Arboretum

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