Hwangmaesan Mountain to be reborn as ‘Sancheong Hwangmaesan Natural Recreation Forest’

Images: Sancheong-gun
Images: Sancheong-gun

Hwangmaesan Mountain to be reborn as ‘Sancheong Hwangmaesan Natural Recreation Forest’

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Hwangmaesan Mountain, which is famous for its native azaleas and silver grass in the fall, will be reborn as ‘Sancheong Hwangmaesan Natural Recreation Forest’.

According to the Sancheong-gun office, the Korea Forest Service recently designated and announced ‘Sancheong Hwangmaesan Mountain’ as a ‘natural recreation forest’.

According to this designation, the county plans to preserve and manage the native azalea colonies, while minimizing damage to nature and creating a natural recreation forest to the extent that it does not impair the landscape.

Sancheong-gun has been working hard to expand forest recreation facilities. In addition to the Hwangmaesan Natural Recreational Forest, representative examples include the Oriental Recreational Forest in Donguibogamchon, Danseong Mukgok Ecological Forest, and Duncheol Ecological Forest.

In particular, the ‘Sancheong Healing Forest’ is scheduled to open in the upper area of ​​Donguibogam Village this year.

Hwangmaesan, the last peak of the Taebaek Mountains, is known as the place where Master Muhak, a master of the Goryeo Dynasty, had made it a capital.

In the spring of Hwangmaesan Mountain, azaleas color the mountain stream in pink and purple, and in autumn, silver grass waves white and forms silver waves.

Thanks to the beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, before the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 600,000 people visited each year.

Sancheong-gun is receiving favorable responses by installing Mirinae Park, Mirinae Town, and Mirinae Park auto campgrounds to develop Mt. Hwangmaesan as a regional representative tourism resource.

“Our county’s forest recreation facilities are positioned as representative forest recreation facilities not only in Sancheong but also in Gyeongnam,” a military official said.

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