(Huyundai Department Store)

Hyundai Department Store Busan has revealed plans to transform into ‘Connect Hyundai,’ a customized urban complex shopping mall, set to reopen on September 6th following a two-month renovation.

The store closed on July 7th to facilitate the refurbishment.

Connect Hyundai aims to showcase Busan’s unique characteristics through local content and experiential tenants, offering a mix of regular and carryover products. Significant changes are expected on the 1st and 2nd basement levels.

The 1st basement level will introduce ‘New Wave,’ targeting MZ generation customers with approximately 20 designer brands, including ‘Martin Kim,’ ‘Marie-Tefrançois-Gerber,’ ‘Covernot,’ and ‘Stand Oil.’ Additionally, a dedicated space for ‘RTBP (Return To BUSAN Port)’ will highlight local fashion brands from Busan.

The 2nd basement floor will feature ‘Market 125,’ a gourmet hub inspired by Busan’s local markets, offering curated food experiences. This area will have a public seating area for about 70 people. Notable eateries include ‘Butter Record,’ ‘Darijip,’ ‘Dimtao,’ ‘Oakberry,’ and ‘Godiva Bakery,’ marking its first Korean location.

Entertainment spaces for all ages, including the children’s cultural area ‘Moka Plus’ from the Modern Children’s Book Museum (MOKA), will be part of the new mall. Visitors can also enjoy artwork by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon.

The ‘Busan Happy Store’ will offer pop-up experiences showcasing local designers and specialties.

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