Hyundai Department Store to open in Eco Delta City within the next few years

Hyundai Department Store to open in Eco Delta City within the next few years

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A large-scale shopping mall is planned to be built in Eco Delta City, Gangseo-gu, which is being developed as a representative residential complex in the western Busan area against the Dongbu area where large shopping malls are concentrated.

Hanmu Shopping, an affiliate of Hyundai Department Store, announced on the 20th that it recently purchased 100,000 square meters of land for distribution and sales facilities in Eco Delta City from Korea Water Resources Corporation for 321.3 billion won.

Hyundai Department Store said in a public announcement at the time, “This land acquisition is to secure a site for entering a distribution and sales facility in the region.”

The land purchased by Hyundai Department Store is located in the center of Smart City and Semulmeori in Eco Delta City.

As Eco Delta City is a national smart city pilot city, Hyundai Department Store will introduce a new offline store model that utilizes the spatial characteristics of a ‘water city’ by combining cutting-edge technology with distribution and shopping.

In addition, cutting-edge technologies such as wallet-free shopping, indoor location guidance robots, self-driving shopping carts, and smart parking will be introduced.

Previously, Hyundai Department Store opened a shopping mall called “The Hyundai Seoul” in Yeouido, Seoul in 2021.

Yeouido has many offices, so it has been regarded as a ‘backcountry of the department store business district’.

However, The Hyundai Seoul has been created to enjoy culture and leisure together beyond simple shopping and is now in the limelight as a hot place in Seoul.

It is popular with families dining out with children, young men and women going on dates, and office workers having dinners.

Numerous influencers leave reviews and the space composition is diverse, so The Hyundai Seoul is sometimes called a ‘department store without a department store’.

In the midst of this, Hyundai Department Store’s entry into Seobusan is expected to be of great help in quenching the thirst for leisure and cultural life as well as shopping for local residents.

In particular, Eco Delta City can absorb the population of Gyeongnam, such as Gimhae, Yangsan, and Changwon, so it can serve as an anchor for the Busan and Gyeongnam metropolitan areas.

In the future, transportation infrastructure such as a double-track train between Bujeon and Masan, the Gangseo Line (tram), and the extension of Busan Metro Line 1 (lower-Noksan Line) are planned.

In addition, since Eco Delta City is in the middle of Gimhae and Gadeok New Airport, the floating population is expected to increase significantly in the future.

Meanwhile, the residential area of Eco Delta City shows a high subscription competition rate in the first half of the apartment pre-sale and is receiving high attention from the market.

The mall is expected to be built within the next few years.

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