International Destinations: Five Things To Do in Malaysia

International Destinations: Five Things To Do in Malaysia

by Haps Staff
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Is Malaysia ‘truly Asia’? There’s only one way to find out if their slogan does them justice. You’re probably wondering why you should visit Malaysia. When compared to some of its fellow Southeast Asian neighbors, it’s still a bit underrated.

1.Take a selfie with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

You really haven’t been to Malaysia if you haven’t taken a photo with the Petronas Twin Towers. Located in the bustling Kuala Lumpur metropolis, the towers are the ninth tallest buildings in the whole world. After you’ve taken a selfie, you can opt to have a tour of the towers, which takes you up 452 meters above ground.

2. Feel like a kid again! Visit Legoland and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

Oh, to be surrounded by Lego and Hello Kitty all day long! It will be a dream come true for those of you who grew up playing with Legos or for those who adore the cuteness of Hello Kitty. You don’t have to like Lego or Sanrio to go there. As long as you want to have an adrenaline rush from theme parks, this is for you.

3. Taste the famous nasi lemak.

If you aren’t familiar with the Bahasa language, “nasi” means rice. And this word is handy when you travel to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, as they all refer to rice as nasi. Nasi lemak is simply rice cooked in coconut milk, with a lot of side dishes. The adventurous part is the side dishes, which vary depending on the part of Malaysia you are in. Some are served with hard-boiled eggs, sweet and salty fish, chicken, beef, peanuts, cucumber, etc. Why not try one from every part of Malaysia?

4. Swim at Penang Island.

Asia has the world’s nicest beaches. And though Penang Island isn’t as popular as Bali or the Koh islands in Thailand, it’s one of Malaysia’s best-kept secrets and a must-visit spot when you visit the country.

5. Trek Mt. Kinabalu.

You can climb all 4,095 m if you want — it will only take you roughly two days to complete. But … if you want a simple, refreshing trek, you can do the one-day non-summit hike. It’s definitely a must in Malaysia. After all, it’s the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia.

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