Jinju City proceeds as planned with building a multipurpose cultural center

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Jinju City proceeds as planned with building a multipurpose cultural center

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Jinju City is advancing its ambitious plan to establish a cultural center, underscoring its commitment to culture and the arts.

This initiative, initiated in the 8th term after the 7th popular election, is focused on Jinju Castle and aims to systematically and continually enhance the region’s cultural infrastructure.

Key projects include the development of the Wonderful Namgang Project, linking the Old Jinju Station Railway Culture Park and Mangjinsan Observatory.

The city operates cruise ships at the ‘Mulbit Naru Rest Area’ along Mangjinsan Mountain by the Namgang River and has introduced the ‘Yudeung Theme Park’ on Mangjinsan Mountain.

Additionally, the transformation of the old Jinju station into a railroad cultural park and the relocation of the National Jinju Museum and the multipurpose cultural center to the Namgang River emphasize the city’s dedication to cultural advancement.

The multipurpose cultural center is a crucial element of the ‘Namgaram Special Culture and Arts Zone,’ slated to revitalize the underdeveloped Cheonjeon-dong area upon completion.

Furthermore, cultural facilities like the Manggyeong Bigeo Theme Park and Jinju Traditional Culture Experience Center are set to open in the Cheonjeon-dong area from 2025.

Despite legal challenges during the construction of the multipurpose cultural center, Jinju City’s victory in the year-long appeal trial ensures the project’s continued advancement, marking a significant milestone in cultural development.

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