Jinju City starts website for Namgang Cruise Ship ‘Kim Min-ho’ reservation

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Jinju City starts website for Namgang Cruise Ship ‘Kim Min-ho’ reservation

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Jinju City started an online website reservation service on August 7th in order to solve the reservation inconvenience of the Namgang cruise ship ‘Kim Min-ho’.

With the introduction of the online website reservation service, it is now possible to make a reservation in advance, greatly improving the inconvenience of having to visit the ticket office of the Mulbit Naru Shelter for reservations.

Online reservations can be made for 14 days from two days after the reservation date. In other words, the online reservation available on August 7th is from August 9th to August 21st. To prevent pre-emption of reservations, the reservation period is limited to two weeks.

Online reservations can be made by accessing the Internet homepage (www.jinju.go.kr/cruiseship) through a PC or mobile device.

There is no separate reservation fee. When making an online reservation, you can receive various discounts through the non-face-to-face qualification confirmation service of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

According to the Jinju City Ordinance ‘Namgang Water Sports Center Installation and Operation Ordinance’, the usage fee is exempted for children under the age of 6 accompanied by a guardian, the elderly over 65, and the disabled.

The non-face-to-face qualification verification service is a service that confirms qualifications through real-time information connection without submitting proof documents if you are eligible for public facility fee reduction or exemption. Fee exemption through age verification and 50% reduction of usage fee through verification of local resident status are automatically applied.

The Kim Min-ho has a maximum of 19 people and is operated on a course that takes about 30 minutes to return to its original position from Mangjin and Chokseok Ferry.

Currently, it is providing various and distinctive tourism contents such as the beautiful scenery of Jinju Castle seen from the Namgang and the colorful night view of the water, which is produced by night scenery lighting, and it is getting a great response from citizens and tourists.

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