Know traffic rules while driving in a tunnel

Know traffic rules while driving in a tunnel

by Chihon Kim
Stripes Korea

While it is possible to explore South Korea by public transportation like a train or bus, driving around is a fun and easy way to discover this country. When you’re driving on the road, the mountain scenery is probably the most familiar landscape from your car. Over 70 percent of Korea is mountains, which means your travels will likely take you through many of the tunnels running under the mountainous terrain. Here’s what you should know before you go!

Prior to 2019, traffic laws banned lane-changing within tunnels in South Korea. Now, the rules are slightly eased and the former solid line on the road is now dotted in certain tunnels. The new rules allow lane changes when absolutely necessary, but never to overtake a car in front of you.

Note that this does not apply to all tunnels and most still have the solid lines. Some regions also have surveillance cameras at the entrance, center and exit of tunnels to ensure drivers are staying in their lanes.

Pay attention to the roads and don’t forget to mind the solid and dotted lines. Driving in South Korea can be a great experience, so don’t let the rules keep you from hitting the open road!

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