Korea’s largest autumn flower festival in Hadong until Oct. 3

Image: Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Festival website
Image: Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Festival website

Korea’s largest autumn flower festival in Hadong until Oct. 3

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The ‘Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Flower Festival’, the largest autumn flower festival in Korea with a vast field covering 200,000 square meters, returns for the first time in three years since COVID-19 began.

The Cosmos Buckwheat Flower Festival, with the slogan of ‘Feel the scent of autumn, enjoy the flowers,’ will be held for 17 days from September 17 to October 3 in the village just before Bukcheon-myeon.

The festival, which began in 2007 to provide new sights by planting cosmos and buckwheat as landscape crops, and to revitalize farm households and the local economy through urban-rural exchanges, is now in its 16th year.

Image: Hadong-gun

As the number of tourists increases year by year, the Cosmos and Buckwheat Flower Festival, which has grown into a representative autumn flower festival in Korea, has been selected as an excellent festival for cultural tourism in Gyeongnam and is so famous that it has become a benchmark for other local governments.

This year, a beautiful field has been decorated with design plantings using lily-of-the-valley and cosmos, and sawdust is laid on the trail, and wildflowers were planted on the fence and safety fence to create a nature-friendly festival site.

Image: Hadong-gun

On the main stage, various performances such as invitation performances, performances by invited singers, saxophone performances, and tourist singing contests are held.

To prepare for the festival, growers and Hadongbukcheon Cosmos Buckwheat Flower Festival Agricultural Cooperative Corporation have been working hard to manage the flower complex since last summer.

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