Korea’s Yangsan Art Festival held Oct. 29-30

Korea’s Yangsan Art Festival held Oct. 29-30

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The ‘Yangyang Arts Festival in 2022 United through Art’ will be held for two days from the 29th to the 30th at Mulgeum Hwangsan Park Youth Soccer Field, a special stage, and an exhibition booth.

Yangsan City has prepared a variety of cultural events such as performances, exhibitions, and experiences of six branches — dance, writers, art, photography, entertainment, and music — under the Yangsan Arts Council.

The Yangsan Art Festival was prepared to enhance the creativity and competency of local arts and to expand the cultural and artistic base.

This year’s Yangsan Arts Festival performance program starts with the opening ceremony, followed by a celebration performance, a dance hanmadang (Yangsan branch of the Korean Dance Association), and an entertainment art performance with citizens (Yangsan City Branch of the Korean Federation of Artists Association). The Korean Dance Association Yangsan Branch and the ‘Art is Communication by the Korea Music Association Yangsan Branch and other programs will be held.

The exhibition program includes a poetry exhibition (Yangsan branch of the Korean Writers Association), an art exhibition (Yangsan branch of the Korean Art Association), and a photo exhibition (Yangsan branch of the Korean Association of Photographers). 

In addition, the experience program includes craft experience, traditional pattern painting, and fan and key ring coloring. It is expected to be a comprehensive cultural event filled with various things to enjoy and see that will delight the eyes and ears of Yangsan citizens and tourists.

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