Korea Destinations: 2022 Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival underway

Image: Ulsan Rose Festival
Image: Ulsan Rose Festival

Korea Destinations: 2022 Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival underway

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The 14th Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival held in Ulsan Grand Park Rose Garden and Nammun Plaza got underway yesterday for five days from May 25th to 29th, under the theme ‘Love Story in Ulsan’.

It contains the will to provide love, happiness, and healing experiences and memories to visitors to the Rose Festival. To this end, this year’s festival will be held as an experiential festival that satisfies the five senses.

They have prepared a variety of programs where you can experience 3 million roses of 265 species from 12 countries with your eyes, smell with your nose, and experience three-dimensionally through various immersive contents.

From the symbol of the festival, it shows at a glance that this year’s festival is a festival that satisfies the five senses.

The symbolic sculptures of this year’s festival, the ‘rose-scented diffuser’ and the ‘extra-large rose bouquet’, are works of contemporary artist Dong-Hoon Kim, and are a unique photo zone where you can fully enjoy the beauty of Ulsan.

Image: Ulsan Rose Festival

Another key content of the festival to satisfy the five senses is the ‘realistic media exhibition hall’.

Using the LED wall, each media art experience space is created with the themes of flower roads, sea, publicity, and experience. It will be an exhibition where you can fully enjoy the charm of Ulsan, an industrial, ecological, cultural, and tourist city.

There is also a fantastic light show every night during the festival.

In the Galtimot area, an exterior wall video media façade using the Ulsan city logo and flower tree sculptures will be performed, and in the Rose Garden area, a rose flower path made with night lights will be held.

On the night of the 26th, ‘K-Jazz’, on the 27th ‘K-Pop Sensibility’, on the 28th ‘K Trot’, and on the 29th ‘K Gugak’, performances by top Korean artists are held every day at the Rose Garden.

Street performances, mimes, and children’s musical performances by Ulsan local artists are also held every day and night, providing a wealth of sights to see.

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