Korea Destinations: Embrace the beauty of fall with 18 must-visit destinations in Gyeongnam

Image: Gyeongnam province
Image: Gyeongnam province

Korea Destinations: Embrace the beauty of fall with 18 must-visit destinations in Gyeongnam

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Gyeongnam Province invites you to savor the enchanting beauty of autumn with its selection of 18 remarkable travel destinations.

As Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival, approaches, Gyeongnam unveils its picturesque spots, offering endless opportunities to embrace the charm of the season.


  1. Photographers’ Delight — Jinhae Water Environment Ecological Park (Changwon): A serene reservoir adorned with vibrant maple leaves.
  2. Forest Gem — Wolasan Forest (JInju): A forest welfare facility where the forest’s value shines like a precious jewel.
  3. Night Magic at Dipirang — Dipirang (Tongyeong): A night view exhibition featuring ever-changing murals transformed into media art.
  4. Forest Retreat — Sacheon Cable Car Natural Recreation Forest (Sacheon): A forest bath with phytoncide-rich air, perfect for families.
  5. Art and Autumn — Clayarch Gimhae Art Museum (Gimhae): A fusion of art and autumn with maple-lined walking trails.
  6. Silver Grass Splendor — Jaeyaksan Silver Grass (Milyang): Witness autumn silver grass and wetlands with easy hiking paths.
  7. Summit Vista — Panoramic Cable Car (Geoje): Enjoy a 360-degree autumn mountain view from the glass cabin.
  8. Forest Haven — Forest (Yangsan): Breathe in the crisp mountain air and savor the autumn scenery with wellness programs.
  9. Rich Heritage — Sotbawi Rock & Jeongamru (Uiryeong): Explore legends of endless wealth and the Namgang River’s beauty.
  10. Outdoor Adventure — Ipgok County Park (Haman): Discover a wide range of experiences, including a suspension bridge and more.
  11. Hiking Wonderland — Hwawangsan Mountain (Changnyeong): Ideal for family hikes, offering autumn leaves and silver grass.
  12. Dinosaur Extravaganza — Danghangpo Tourist Site (Goseong): Dive into a world of dinosaurs with parades and 5D theaters.
  13. German Village — German Village & Expatriate to Germany Exhibition Hall (Namhae): Experience a piece of Germany in Korea.
  14. Autumn Palace — Samseong Palace & Hoenamjae Forest Path (Hadong): Marvel at colorful autumn leaves and a mystical lake.
  15. Maple-Lined Road — Bammeorijae Red Maple Road (Sancheong): Drive along maple-lined roads or savor the season’s colors.
  16. Thousand-Year Forest — Sanglim Park (Hamyang): The oldest artificial forest in Korea, perfect for autumn tranquility.
  17. Asta Chrysanthemum Splendor — Wind Hill (Geochang): Purple Asta chrysanthemums set against a picturesque backdrop.
  18. Media Art Adventure — Hapcheon Film Theme Park (Hapcheon): Immerse yourself in history and attractions through media art.

Image: Gyeongnam province


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