Korea Destinations: Enjoy the nature of Jinyang Lakeside Mulbit Road

Images: Jinju City
Images: Jinju City

Korea Destinations: Enjoy the nature of Jinyang Lakeside Mulbit Road

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Jinyang Lakeside Mulbit Road is recommended as a travel destination where you can shake off the feeling of depression and helplessness of having been stuck at home.

‘Jinyanghoban Mulbitgil’ is the Jinyangho Dullegil built as part of the ‘Jinyangho Renaissance Project’ that Jinju City is ambitiously promoting. Yangmasan Mountain and the area of ​​Gwigok-dong were renovated and completed last year so that you can walk while enjoying the beautiful waters and sunsets of Jinyang Lake.

It consists of two courses — the Yangmasan Mulbit Trail (15.3 km), which circulates the Yangmasan hiking trail connecting Sangnakwon and Myeongseok Gahwa-ri from the Jinyangho Park Observatory, and the Chaeheumhanun course (22.7 km) to experience the natural ecology and culture trail around Gwigok-dong.

The nearly 38-kilometer trails connect to the main scenic spots of Jinyang Lake, which include a deck road, a cypress forest bathing area, and an observation deck shelter which have been installed so that anyone can walk comfortably.

‘Yangmasan Mulbit-gil’ is a path that circulates through the main gate of Jinyangho Park – Jinyangho Observatory – Yangmasan Palgakjeong (Sangnakwon) – and the waterside observation deck. You can walk while looking at the calm Jinyang Lake on the path where you can take a forest bathing in the tranquil lake and cypress forest. The scent of cypress, which clears the head, provides a healing effect to tourists and hikers visiting Jinyang Lake.

The natural eco-cultural trail around Gwigok-dong (Kakkosil) starts from the Kakosil parking lot located in Naechon-ri, Daepyeong-myeon. The ‘Sky Forest Path’ is a section where you can enjoy the fun while walking along the ridge of Hwanghaksan Mountain while drinking phytoncide from the cypress forest. It consists of three themes: ‘Road to the Sound of Wind’ and ‘Road to Keep Memories’, a section that recalls the submerged Gwigok Elementary School and Kakkosil.

Among them, the ‘Wind Sound Road’ is a course that circulates between Saemigol, Hangol Samgeori (Pyunbaek Forest Bathing Area), Gagok Birdhouse, Keunsaem (the old site of Chunguisa Temple) and Kkotdongsil. It has become a popular tourist spot in April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom and in autumn when the leaves change colors.

Since last March, Jinju City has been operating an eco-culture tour class for students and citizens together with Gwigok displaced people, environmental experts, and the Namgang branch of the Korea Water Resources Corporation to protect and clean the environment around Gwigok-dong and the waterside of Jinyangho Lake.


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