Korea Destinations: Festivals in Jinju in October to see, hear and enjoy

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

Korea Destinations: Festivals in Jinju in October to see, hear and enjoy

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The fall of Jinju is expected to be more lively and hotterthan ever. While we are slowly recovering our daily life through the long tunnel of COVID-19, October in Jinju is filled with rich culture, tourism, and sports events.

First, the ‘October 2022 Festival’ to be held in the Namgang area begins with the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival on October 10, the Victory Day of the Battle of Jinjuseong and Citizen’s Day, and continues with the closing event, the Gaecheon Art Festival’s Midnight Art Festival on November 3rd.

In addition, more than 30 colorful accompanying events such as the 2022 Jinju World Folk Art Biennale and Jinju Mask Dance Hanmadang will be held together, adding to the sights.

For sports events, major national events such as the 1st Jinju Market Cup National Park Golf Tournament, National Ground Golf Tournament, and National Badminton Tournament will be held together to heat up the festive atmosphere.

Image: Jinju City

Festival Season in Jinju

Jinju plans to put a message of peace throughout the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival as it is a festival with great vitality that the message of peace on the lanterns leads to peace in the future. Special events such as fireworks and drone shows will be added, and the festival venue will be expanded to the base area.

In order to establish the safety and identity of the festival, the city changed the festival period from December to October to minimize seasonal effects and set the opening date on October 10, the day of victory in the Battle of Jinju and Citizens’ Day.

In order to efficiently operate the event and prevent crowds at the festival site, exhibition-oriented appreciation programs are operated on weekdays, and experiential programs such as performances, experiences, and event events are operated on weekends, which are frequented by foreign tourists.

In addition, it is planned to reduce the number of booths at the Pungmul Market to be installed around the banks of the Namgang River from 189 to 159 and expand the cultural and artistic spaces to provide more experience opportunities for citizens and tourists.

As a special event, with the theme of ‘Water, Fire, Light, and Our Hope’ with Chokseokru Pavilion in Jinju-seong as the background, a water multimedia fireworks show using lasers, an aerial media art drone show delivering dreams, hope, and the will of peace.

At Cheonsu Bridge, a large media art structure is installed between the 2nd floating bridge to produce a media art galaxy show to revitalize the nighttime festival site and provide a unique attraction.

Over 30 accompanying events are to be held along with the festival, such as the Youth Peace Concert, Jinju Mask Dance Hanmadang, and Jinju Song Festival, are also being prepared. In particular, the KBS Song Stage and the 2022 Jinju World Folk Art Biennale are the biggest highlights.

Song Stage is a program that is broadcast to more than 120 countries around the world, and is a famous program that is watched not only by domestic viewers but also by overseas compatriots. Although it has not been held due to the coronavirus, the KBS Gayo Stage Jinju episode will maintain its legacy and tradition, as well as provide various songs and emotions to the citizens.

The 2022 Jinju World Folk Art Biennale plans to introduce the proud folk art of Jinju, the UNESCO creative city, to the international stage, and invite overseas folk art troupes to create a place where they can harmonize with the folk art of Jinju, providing a richer spectacle. Jinju is the only city among 11 creative cities in Korea designated as a UNESCO Creative City in recognition of its cultural assets in the field of folk art.

A city official said, “As the coronavirus social distancing is lifted this year, many tourists are expected to visit Jinju, so we are doing our best to prepare for a safe and rich festival.” We ask that you actively participate.”

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