Korea Destinations: Gohyeonhang landmark footbridge opened in Geoje

Image: Geoje City
Image: Geoje City

Korea Destinations: Gohyeonhang landmark footbridge opened in Geoje

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A footbridge connecting Junggok-dong from the port redevelopment site of Gohyeon Port was recently opened on Geoje Island.

The footbridge is a pedestrian bridge in the form of an arch bridge that is 162m in length and 6m in width. At the center of the footbridge, there is an observatory where you can enjoy the surrounding scenery, and it is expected to establish itself as a new landmark of Geoje by installing night scenery lighting from sunset to 24:00.

The footbridge construction project, which was carried out as a condition of approval of the apartment housing construction project plan in 2018, started construction in 2021 by DLC Co., Ltd., was completed in May 2022, and was taken over by Geoje City. 

Currently, the Gohyeon Port Port Redevelopment Project Neighborhood Park site construction is in progress, and temporary pedestrian paths and safety facilities have been installed to induce pedestrian movement.

With the footbridge is opened, it is expected that the safety of students commuting from the apartment housing area of ​​the Gohyeon Port Port Redevelopment Project to Junggok Elementary School will be secured, and the movement between Jangpyeong-dong and Gohyeon-dong and Junggok-dong will become much more convenient, which will greatly contribute to revitalizing the local economy.

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