Korea Destinations: Gyeonggi-do to install a certification signboard at registered campsites

Korea Destinations: Gyeonggi-do to install a certification signboard at registered campsites

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Gyeonggi-do will install a certification signboard at the registered campsite so that users can easily identify whether it is a registered campsite with safety and sanitation facilities when selecting a campsite.

Campsite businesses can be registered after complying with relevant laws, such as installing safety and sanitation facilities in accordance with the Tourism Promotion Act and subscribing to campsite accident liability insurance.

There are 689 registered campgrounds in the province, the largest number among 2,863 nationwide.

Some operators are operating as unregistered campsites while illegally diverting farmland and mountainous land, and it is understood that most of them do not comply with safety and hygiene standards, which are the requirements for certification of registered campgrounds.

Accordingly, after collecting various opinions from camping experts, campsite businesses, and city and county officials, a detailed certification signboard plan is confirmed in April, and signboards and bulletin boards will be installed in all 689 registered campsites in the province before summer vacation, the peak season. 

Through this, they plan to guide tourists so that they can recognize the difference between registered and unregistered campsites, and directly check the history of safety inspections and insurance coverage.

They also plan to conduct a publicity campaign to correct the camping culture, such as illegal camping and car parks, garbage dumping, and loud noises that disturb the surrounding area, and a ‘fair camping’ campaign using local consumption activities and products.

In particular, not only users but also campsite operators are provided with business training and distribution of compliance information so that they can protect consumer rights such as compliance with appropriate fees and penalties, prohibition of fixing fees, and the prohibition or sale of dangerous goods.

“As the popularity of campgrounds increases in the era of COVID-19, safety issues are also attracting attention,” Choi Yong-hoon, head of the Gyeonggi Tourism Division said.

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