Korea Destinations: Gyeongnam Province’s 18 private gardens offer healing for the mind and soul

Image: Gyeongnam Province
Image: Gyeongnam Province

Korea Destinations: Gyeongnam Province’s 18 private gardens offer healing for the mind and soul

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Gyeongsangnam-do announced that 18 private gardens were in operation until recently, starting with the first island garden registered as a private garden in 2015.

Residents in the province are very interested in garden creation, accounting for 18 out of 61 private gardens nationwide.

Image: Gyeongnam Province

Private gardens are gardens created and operated by corporations, organizations, or individuals in accordance with the Act on the Creation and Promotion of Arboretums and Gardens, and designated by the Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do.

18 private gardens in the province are Seomi Garden in Namhae-gun, Topia Land in Namhae, Hwagye-ri Garden, Haesolchan Garden in Tongyeong, Mulbitsori Garden, Chunhwaui Garden, Naples Farm, Okdong Healing Garden in Geoje, Hamyang Garden in Hamyang-gun, Lee Hanme Art Museum Garden in Geochang-gun, Su-mi Lee Garden, Palmberry Garden, Changnyeong-gun Renovation Garden, Yangsan City Green Education Garden and Saemigol Garden, Miryang City Mother’s Garden, and Gimhae City Farmer’s Garden.

Image: Gyeongnam Province

What are the private gardens?

It is a space where life and tastes that have been carefully cultivated by individuals in various forms that are not standardized, such as mountains and the sea, coffee and wine, and a garden where you can feel and enjoy the scent of bonsai and flowers.

To briefly introduce some of these places, you can explore the old stone walls and ponds of the Darang Rice fields, a typical and natural European-style garden made with various herbs and silver grass at Namhae Island Garden, and the Namhae Topiary Garden, which is a small fairytale-like garden made of old yew and hollywood trees, with views of the sea.

Tongyeong Mulbitsori Garden is a place where you can enjoy the garden scenery, and Tongyeong Haesolchan Garden is a wildflower garden that spreads the fragrance of 130 kinds of flowers, and the green pine bonsai garden all year round.

Private gardens open to the public can be viewed free of charge or with an admission fee. You can check out the list in Korean here.

There are places where you can experience activities such as gardening, so for details, you need to inquire in advance through the contact information registered on the website.

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