Korea Destinations: Large Ferris wheel to be built on Choyangdo in Sacheon

Image: Sacheon City
Image: Sacheon City

Korea Destinations: Large Ferris wheel to be built on Choyangdo in Sacheon

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Construction of a Ferris Wheel on Choyangdo, in Sacheon City in Gyeongnam province is scheduled to be completed in March 2023 around Choyangdo Island, the best sunset spot in the country, where you can see the sea and the sunset.

The city of Sacheon and Inone Leisure Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement for the successful construction of the Ferris Wheel at the ‘2022 Gyeongsangnam-do Tourism Investment Promotion and Promotion Briefing’ held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul on the 25th.

It plans to build a Ferris wheel in connection with the Sacheon Sea Cable Car and Aramaru Aquarium in the Choyangdo area, which boasts the beautiful natural scenery of Hallyeohaesang National Park.

The Ferris Wheel, which was reported for construction last October, has a diameter of 35.26m, a maximum height of 42m, and 24 four-seater cabins, and is scheduled to be operated commercially after completion in March 2023.

Following this investment agreement, the city expects to accelerate the installation of the Ferris Wheel in Choyangdo as administrative issues are resolved.

In the beginning, Choyang was also experiencing considerable difficulties in installing the Ferris Wheel because, although it was necessary to determine the district unit plan in accordance with the National Land Planning and Utilization Act for the installation of the Ferris Wheel, the development, and installation of facilities were restricted as a part of Choyangdo was designated as a Hallyeohaesang National Park area.

Accordingly, the city held a meeting with the Office of Government Policy Coordination and suggested regulatory improvement so that district-level plans could be decided within the national park area.

After continuous communication and active review with the Ministry of Environment, the city and the Office of Government Policy Coordination led to consultations with the content that incorporates already developed national park areas to a minimum.

This made it possible to determine the district unit plan within the national park area and provided an opportunity to build the Ferris Wheel.

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