Korea Destinations: Nine eco-friendly tourist sites to visit in Gyeongnam Province

Image: Gyeongnam province
Image: Gyeongnam province

Korea Destinations: Nine eco-friendly tourist sites to visit in Gyeongnam Province

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For those looking for an eco-friendly vacation this summer, Gyeongnam province has introduced nine eco-tourism sites where you can experience various ecological environments and soothe your body and mind this upcoming summer vacation season.

Ecotourism sites are designated by the Ministry of Environment and Gyeongnam province as areas with high ecological conservation value and excellent scenery. 

The nine sites include:

— Junam Reservoir in Changwon

— Hwapocheon in Gimhae

— Sajapyeong Wetland and Jaeyaksan in Miryang

— Changnyeong and Upo Wetland in Namhae

— Goehang Wetland in Haman

— Hadong Carbon-Free Village, Geochangpowon

 — Jeongyangneup in Hapcheon

Ecotourism areas are non-face-to-face, safe tourist destinations where you can see, hear and become aware of the existence of various living things. 

The trails and promenades created in each eco-tourism site are good for families, lovers, and friends, and you can walk alone while enjoying the scenery and sounds of nature. 

There is also an ecology interpreter, where visitors can hear information and stories about the natural environment.

In addition, the eco-learning hall located in the eco-tourism sites provides information on the living things of the region, so you can learn about nature and participate in the eco-experience program operated by the eco-tourism center or local eco-tourism council. The ecological experience program consists of a variety of materials with local characteristics.

In Dumo Village near Anggang Bay in Namhae, the ‘Scourge Crab Spawning Ecology Observation Program‘ is operated on the 15th and 30th days of the lunar calendar from July to August. The thief crab spends its larval period in the sea and is adapted to the land. In summer, it is a program where you can see them cross the coastal road and go to the sea. If you make a reservation through the Namhae-gun Ecotourism Council, you can have a good experience with a natural ecology guide.

In Hadong Carbon-Free Village, you can listen to the explanation of the snow mountain wetland tour program with a natural environment interpreter if you make a reservation in advance for a family group or more than 5 people.

At Jeongyangneup in Hapcheon, you can set a theme for each month of the ecological experience program, listen to the ecology explanation of Jeongyangneup, and experience making at the Ecology Learning Center. eco-tourism areas operate various eco-experience programs for free or for a fee (KRW 3,000 to KRW 10,000).

For other details, please inquire at the city/gun environment department or the local ecotourism council.

Some of the programs are free while others charge a small fee for entrance.

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