Korea Destinations: Sacheon Eye, a large ferris wheel on Choyang Island to open May 26

Image: Sacheon City
Image: Sacheon City

Korea Destinations: Sacheon Eye, a large ferris wheel on Choyang Island to open May 26

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The ‘Sacheon Eye’ Ferris wheel in Sacheon City is set to have its opening ceremony on the 26th and begin full-scale commercial operation on the 27th.

With a height of 72 meters and the capacity to accommodate up to 96 people in 24 cabins, the Ferris wheel offers a unique experience. It is located on Choyang Island, which is home to other popular tourist attractions in Sacheon City such as the Aramaru Aquarium and the Sacheon Sea Cable Car.

Situated in the picturesque Hallyeohaesang National Park, the ‘Sacheon Eye’ is expected to become a prominent landmark where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the blue sea of Sacheon and witness the splendid Silan sunset. Silan Sunset is recognized as one of the country’s top nine sunset spots and is the second of the ‘8 Views of Sacheon.’

The ticket prices for the Ferris wheel are 7,000 won for adults (with discounts of 2,000 won for Aramaru Aquarium visitors), and 6,000 won for children and seniors. Sacheon citizens are eligible for a 20% discounted rate of 5,500 won (4,500 won for children and seniors).

The project, which cost 3.5 billion won, commenced in December 2020 and completed safety inspections in May of the current year.

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