Korea Destinations: Spectacular water pampas grass at Gimhae’s Hwapocheon

Image: Gimhae City
Image: Gimhae City

Korea Destinations: Spectacular water pampas grass at Gimhae’s Hwapocheon

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For those looking for an autumn adventure in Gimhae, look no further than Hwapocheon.

If you want to really feel the autumn of Hwapocheon, we recommend walking along the trails. If you visit Hwapocheon Wetland in the early morning, you can feel the clear air and see a thick mist of water, and if you walk on the trail in the clear afternoon or at sunset, you can immerse yourself in quiet contemplation among the silver pampas grass. 

Weekend family experience programs ‘Hwapocheon Fall Picnic’ and ‘Autumn with Fallen Leaves’ are in progress. 

You can also see the stork couple Geum-i and Gwan-i at the nearby Bonghatul Stork Radiation Center observation deck (6-8 Bonsan-ri, Jinyeong-eup). Geum-i and Gwan-i arrived at Yesan Stork Park on September 30th. 

Hwapocheon Wetland was designated as a wetland protected area by the Ministry of Environment in 2017 as it is home to 812 species of species, including 24 endangered wildlife species such as storks and spoonbills. 

From November to March of the following year, winter birds such as spoonbills, swans, geese, and eagles come to Hwapocheon for the winter, so it is also good for bird watching. 

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