Lively and glittering Seoul’s summer night

Lively and glittering Seoul’s summer night

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Summer in Seoul is not exactly an ideal season to explore the city during the day time. The high temperature & humidity makes everybody want to stay inside under A/C. It is the evening and night when people get out of their houses & offices to breathe in some fresh air and have fun with their families or spend a romantic time with their lovers. No wonder Seoulites especially love evenings out in summer. Seoul’s summer night is lively and glittering. So where do locals go for an evening stroll? Trazy recommends where to best capture the summer night views of the city that never sleeps.
1. Han River
Colorful bridges & gentle river breezes
Han River, the long and wide river that flows across the huge metropolitan city of Seoul, has more than 30 bridges constructed in different shapes. Some of the bridges and the surroundings offer parks and campsites where people have a night picnic.
One of the best ways to enjoy Han River at night is to cruise along the river and pass through some of the most well-known bridges for their night views. The Han River Cruise has become especially popular since it was featured in the hit K-drama “My Love from the Star”.
(*more details for Han River Cruise:
If you want to see the bird’s eye view of Han River, visit 63 Sky Art Observatory. 63 Sky Art is an art gallery located on the 60th floor of 63 Square, also widely known as 63 building. Surrounded by large windows, the art gallery offers a 365-degree view of Seoul as well as Han River.
*More details for 63 Sky Art:
2. Grand Palaces
600-year history lit up in the midsummer evenings
Grand Palaces in Seoul are well preserved and look absolutely majestic. Although they are a must-see place in Seoul, it’s never recommended to visit the wide scattered palace compound in the scorching hot weather. But don’t worry if you’re in Seoul only in summer. They open in the evening, too, yet for a specific time period.
It’s probably the only place in the middle of Seoul where you can walk on the concrete-free paths in the neon sign free atmosphere at night. With subdued lighting from the floor and the moonlight from the sky, the antique architecture looks even more elegant at night.
As the night opening of palaces is becoming more popular every year and the number of the tickets is limited, it is competitive to buy the tickets for Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Changgyeonggung Palace. Don’t want to bother about ticketing for the limited openings? Then, try Deoksugung Palace that opens till 9 pm throughout the year. If you’re into history, and particularly interested in the transition from Joseon Dynasty to Modern Korean society, take an evening walking tour in the area and have a chance to soak up interesting stories behind the historical buildings.
*More details for Deoksugung Palace:
3. Seoul City Wall
Hiking in the footsteps of old Seoul
Seoul back in the days only included the area that was surrounded by Seoul City Wall. Once served as a fortress wall to protect the capital city of Hanyang (the old name of Seoul), Seoul City Wall has now become a popular walking trail.
There are four courses of the city wall trails with different difficulty levels. Begin with the easiest ‘Naksan Mountain Trail”. A few minutes of hike up will lead you from the bustling Dongdaemun area to the quiet fortress path overlooking the old city of Seoul. Walking along Seoul City Wall, you will find it surreally beautiful to see how the 600-year-old wall embraces the look of the modern city with shimmering lights.
*More details for Naksan Mountain Trail:
Taking Namsan Mountain Trail, you will pass by Namsangol Hanok Village and finally reach N Seoul Tower. If you are looking for a place for a night stroll with your romantic partner, walk Namsan Mountain Trail and leave a love lock at N Seoul Tower like all other local couples do.
*More details for Namsan Mountain Trail:

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