Lotte World Adventure Busan to open March 31

Lotte World Adventure Busan to open March 31

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After several delays, Lotte World Adventure Busan has confirmed that they will open on March 31.

Built on an area of 158,677 square meters inside the Osiria Tourist complex, the theme park is considered the crown jewel of the DongBusan redevelopment plan.

The theme park will introduce 17 types of boarding and viewing facilities in addition to F&B and a shopping mall.

The two most anticipated rides are the “Giant Digger” rollercoaster and the “Giant Splash” water ride.

Giant Digger descends at around 105km/hr from a height of 40-meters along a 1,000-meter track.

The Giant Splash descends through a current at about 100 km/hr and provides a thrilling experience for spectators and riders alike.

Prices for the park were not announced, but you can expect around 59,000 won for a day pass or 48,000 won after 4 p.m. for adults and 52,000 won per day and 42,000 won for youth after 4 p.m. according to the Lotte Seoul Adventure website.

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