Make Daejeon your next destination in Korea!

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Make Daejeon your next destination in Korea!

Daejeon Tourism Organization

In the heart of Korea, there is a particular city that is at the forefront of science and technology. Daejeon, meaning “broad field,” was the first city in Korea to hold the World Expo in 1993, signaling its emergence as a city of science.

The ‘93 Daejeon Expo’, which showcased the latest science and technology at the time, such as electric vehicles, solar cell vehicles, and artificial intelligence robots, attracted 14.5 million visitors. A bio company located in Daedeok Innopolis, a domestic birthplace of science and technology, has developed and exported COVID-19 diagnostic kits around the world. Various forms of research and new technologies are being developed for human health. In addition, Daejeon, home to over 2,000 medical institutions equipped with excellent medical staff and advanced equipment, is an ideal medical tourism destination with premium health checkups for foreign patients and wellness tourism resources.


Premium health checkup

Sun Hospital, which first set out to care for the health of patients and citizens with the utmost sincerity and upholding the mission of “providing the best care, without limits, at all times to everyone who visits us,” started as a 20-bed orthopedic surgery clinic in 1966. It has grown into a general hospital with 13 medical centers, 34 departments, and 200 professional medical staff members. The International Medical Examination Center of Sun Hospital was the first health examination center in the world to be certified by the International Medical Institution Evaluation Committee (JCI), which can only be obtained by passing all 1,200 evaluation items. After being selected as a leading hospital for overseas patient care by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, more than 5,000 foreign patients now visit Sun Hospital every year.

The screening program of the International Examination Center is divided into three main aspects. Basic examination consisting of essential items for early detection of adult diseases and cancer, and 7 major cancers including brain, heart, digestive, lung, and gynecological cancer. In a ward dedicated to 5-star hotel-level examinations, one-on-one coordinators provide the highest level of check-up programs, including overnight check-ups.

Equipped with as many as 219 forms of advanced medical equipment, the Rhythmia Mapping System, a state-of-the-art atrial fibrillation treatment device, was officially introduced for the first time in Korea, allowing for more precise examinations at a rate of 25 times more than the previous system. Through collaborative treatment of specialists in each field, not only can an accurate diagnosis be made by assessing the result of the examination, but if there is any abnormality after the exam, it is possible to receive medical care immediately after consultation. The Cancer Center is located right next to the International Screening Center, providing a ‘one-stop’ service from diagnosis to treatment, as well as cooperation between screening and cancer centers.

Special concierge service for foreigners

As a concierge service, a one-on-one dedicated service is provided by an international medical team (capable of speaking English, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian and more) composed of local coordinators to facilitate the communication and convenience of foreign patients. In addition, we are operating a service that picks up medical tourists who have arrived at the hospital by using a limousine, and reserves hotel rooms near the hospital and a tour guide to Daejeon if you wish to have tour information during your stay.

Daejeon Night View

Expo media facade

The Hanbit Tower, a symbol tower of the 93 Daejeon Expo and an iconic landmark of Daejeon, is being newly illuminated as a media façade.”’Media façade,” meaning “media” and the building’s “façade,” refers to the projection of content imagery onto the building. You can enjoy a beautiful night view every evening with colorful imagery and sounds on the 38.5-meter high outer wall of the Hanbit Pagoda with a floor width of 22.5 meters. Hanbit Plaza, built on 13,840 square meters in front of the Hanbit Tower, is a setting where you can marvel at the romance of the city with colorful lights and rhythmic music fountains every night.

Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science

Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science, a cultural complex, is located on the site where the 1993 Daejeon Expo was held. Unlike existing department stores, where shopping is the main focus, this is a complex where you can experience art, culture and science altogether. On weekdays and weekends, citizens and tourists visit continuously.

Like Daejeon, the city of science, Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science features a science center, NEXPERIUM, where you can experience various aspects of science. It is a space developed and produced by researchers at KAIST, which fosters scientific talents in Korea, and consists of the themes of future science fields, such as robots, bio, and space. In the Science Museum, you can experience how robots are actually made, and you can also view exhibits about robots that will dramatically change human life, artificial intelligence technology that is based on them, and artificial satellites for observing extraterrestrial planets and exploring space. It is a space to stimulate interest in science among children. One way of achieving this is from wearing a device provided at the entrance. While viewing the exhibit, an artificial intelligence algorithm automatically analyzes the visitor’s behavior and suggests a path suitable for their field of interest.

The Art Space 193, a gallery on the 42nd floor of the 193m high Expo Tower that symbolizes the 1993 Daejeon Expo, features an observatory offering a panoramic view of Daejeon and works by world-famous installation artist Olafur Eliasson. The aquarium on the first basement floor is adorned with media art that tells the story of Poseidon, the god of the sea according to Greek mythology. You can also see a 2,500-ton main tank and a digital image panorama on the ceiling. Through expansive media wall art and holograms, you can experience various forms of sealife.

Healing spot for walking barefoot

A little distance from the city center is a serene and calm natural space. Gyejoksan Mountain, which was named as such because the shape of the mountain is “shaped similar to a chicken’s foot,” is located in Daejeon. When you get to the foot of the mountain, you can easily see people walking barefoot on the road and washing away the ocher soil from their feet at a foot wash. It may feel awkward as there are not many opportunities to walk barefoot outdoors, but at this place where you can walk barefoot on the 14.5-kilometer long Hwangtoji Road, everyone, regardless of age or gender, willingly takes off their socks and places their feet on the loess beneath them. With every step, soft and moist ocher embraces your feet, and the soles of your feet can sense some stimulation, making you feel like you are receiving a foot massage. The trees that stretch high overhead release phytoncide, and the sound of leaves rustling whenever the wind blows, along with the sound of the chirping of birds, seems to help wash away the fatigue and stress of the city.

Relaxation for mind and body

Daecheongho Lake, where you can enjoy the beautiful changes of the four seasons, is the third-largest lake in Korea. You can find 21 trekking courses around the lake, where you can walk while taking in the pleasant views from both sides. While doing so, you can enjoy viewing historical relics and partaking in various experiences, food, and seasonal festivals, allowing you to experience the healing of both mind and body while being with nature. Doume Village located next to Daecheong Lake, is a representative rural experience village that boasts beautiful scenery, including cherry blossoms forming a tunnel every April. You can experience the production process of wild plant enzymes made from 30 different ingredients, the harvesting of agricultural products, making of local food, and experiencing traditional culture. Haneulgang Atelier, run by a potter in Doume Village, is a place of healing where you can ease your mind while making pottery. You can experience the taste and style of Korea while drinking traditional tea and strolling around the cutely decorated village.


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