Munjeon Expressway connecting Jeonpo-dong and Munhyeon-dong now open

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Munjeon Expressway connecting Jeonpo-dong and Munhyeon-dong now open

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Munjeon Expressway’ will officially open from 11 am on August 1, connecting Jeonpo-dong, Busanjin-gu, and Munhyeon-dong, Nam-gu.

The Munjeon Underpass is a two-lane one-way underground road with a total length of 436m that passes from the Jeonpo District in Busanjin-gu through the Busan International Financial Center in Nam-gu, and the total project cost was 28.2 billion won.

The construction of the Munjeon Expressway was promoted as it was determined that the traffic system in the area needs to be improved as the traffic volume around the Munjeon Intersection increased due to the move-in of the Munhyeon Financial Complex.

As a result of economic analysis, the cost-benefit ratio (B/C) was 1.25, indicating that economic feasibility was secured.

After that, the city performed basic and detailed design services for the construction of the Munjeon Underpass from July 2016 to December 2017, and construction started in July 2018 and was completed in July of this year.

With the opening of the underpass, the city expects that the traffic congestion in the downtown area, Munjeon Intersection, Dongseo Overpass, Sincheon-daero, Hwangnyeong-daero, and Jeonpo-daero, will be resolved and the road service level will be improved from F-grade to D-grade.

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