My Paradise: Tell us about paradise, Mr. DJ

by Spc. Roderick Evans
AFN Casey

Editor’s Note: Our Defense Media Activity teammates from AFN have a knack for telling a good story. So in this year’s Destination Paradise, we will have a special section highlighting AFN DJs and their take on paradise. Below are three that will appear in the magazine. If you have your own piece of paradise to share, send a story and photos to by Jan. 9 and we’ll make you famous, just like AFN DJs.

Bring your spirit of Aloha to Oahu

The Hawaiian archipelago is made up of eight major islands. Each island is different in culture, ethnic make-up, geography and history. Hawai’i includes the best of Asia, the Pacific region, and the U.S. Mainland. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polynesian, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan and European communities populate Hawai’i. Statehood was obtained in 1958.

With constant sunshine all year round, temperatures at a constant 80 degrees, fresh fish, the best surfing and people from around the world, life on the island of Oahu (and capital city of Honolulu), doesn’t get much better. So what’s it like living on the island? Some years ago I owned a 1990 VW Jetta, 4-door, with a broken muffler and worn out brake pads. My surfboard was an Australian 6-footer that I bought off a Filipino “uncle” for 50 dollars. (If living in Hawai’i can teach you one thing, it’s that you don’t need much to be happy.)

Hitting the cruise and following the sun to the North Shore with boards strapped to the roof, bare feet on the pedals, Reggae turned up and girls in the back seat, is everything we needed for perfect surfing. Winding coastal freeways, crystal blue oceans, awesome waves, and endless sand are only a few of the great things the 808 State has to offer.

When you visit Hawai’i, remember to respect the locals, keep the ocean clean, and bring your spirit of Aloha!

– Spc. Roderick Evans, AFN Casey, South Korea

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