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South Korea, where mountains and valleys make up more than 70 percent of its territory, has over 15 ski resorts with many different features and themes throughout the country.
Are you thinking of a ski holiday in Korea but haven’t decided where to go? Read Trazy’s recommendation of the top three ski resorts that will best fit your needs. Some ski resorts will close their slopes early to prepare for the upcoming winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. No worries, though. Our picks are among the best ski resorts that you can visit any time during this winter.
1.Vivaldi Park Ski Resort
A mecca for 20-something hipster skiers & snowboarders 
Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, located in Hongcheon County of Gangwondo, is often described as the trendiest ski resort in Korea. The resort was ranked as the most beloved ski resorts by Korean university students in 2015 and Korea’s most visited ski resort in 2016. Apart from its advanced ski facilities, Vivaldi Park Ski Resort often holds fun events such as DJ parties and Kpop concerts that make you have a blast.
There are 10 lifts (including gondolas) and 12 ski slopes divided in balance for all levels of skiers. Thanks to the long opening hours of the slopes from 8:30 am to 5:00 am the next day, you can delight in night skiing under the moonlight.
If you’re a snowboarder, here is another reason to have a close look at this resort. Vivaldi Park’s superpipe is the longest superpipe in Korea. The superpipe is designed for advanced snowboarders and serves as a venue for several competitions including Korea Open Halfpipe. Snowboarders, practice and boast your snowboard techniques at Vivaldi Park Ski Resort.
To feel the vibe of the trendsetter ski resort:
2.Oak Valley Ski Resort 
A family friendly ski resort for kids and beginners
Oak Valley Ski Resort, located Wonju City of Gangwondo, takes pride in its family-friendly facilities and programs that well accommodates visitors with children. The 9 slopes of the ski resort are divided into 2 beginner, 5 intermediate and 2 advanced courses. The beginner slopes are especially wide and inclined gently so that first-timers and children can learn skiing safely. The ski lessons diversified for different age groups including kids under 7 years old is another merit of Oak Valley Ski Resort.
If you visit some other popular ski resorts in the high season, you may come across a moment where you’re jammed in the crowd rather than freely riding the slopes. Oak Valley Ski Resort is a great option if you want to avoid this. Compared to other large ski resorts, it usually gives you more space with fewer people around. Plus, it provides services that add great value to the family-friendliness of the resort such as a wide range of food option.
If you’re planning a family ski holiday, check out:
3.High 1 Ski Resort 
An ideal destination for ardent skiers and snowboarders
High 1 Ski Resort is one of the top 2 mega-sized ski resort in Korea with a total length of 21 km ski slopes. Since Yongpyong Ski Resort is partially closed for Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, High 1 Ski Resort is practically the largest ski resort in Korea during the 2017/18 ski season.
Nestled deep in the bluffs in Jeongseon County of Gangwondo, High 1 Ski Resort has naturally high snowfalls consisting of fluffy snowflakes. Thanks to its puffy slopes, the resort is especially loved by avid skiers and snowboarders who consider high snow quality a crucial matter for their favorite winter sport. 
Three among the 18 ski runs start from the top of Baekunsan Mountain that overlooks the whole ski resort. Standing on the peak and looking down the endless slopes, you’ll be in awe of the unadulterated beauty of nature and experience a rush of hair-raising excitement.
One thing that might put you off a one-day trip to High 1 Ski Resort is its long distance from Seoul. A one-way journey from Seoul to High 1 Ski resort takes about 3 hours by car. A 6-hour return journey in a day can be too much for a day trip. If you want to have the ultimate ski experience in this top-class ski resort, extended trips for more than 2 days are recommended to make your long journey more worthwhile. 
To find more about High 1 Ski Resort, a quality resort for ski/snowboard lovers:
Check out Trazy’s Korea Ski Trip Finder:

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