Ode to the commode: Korea home to first toilet theme park

by Tory Mock
Busan Haps Magazine

SUWON – The late Suwon city mayor, Sim Jae-duck, whose mother reportedly gave birth to him in the bathroom, had a lifelong love for all things toilet related. So much so that people in Korea affectionately referred to him as “Mr. Toilet.”

In line with this love of the commode, Sim even built his house in the shape of a toilet.
In a bid to pay homage, as well as promote city tourism, the Suwon government converted Sim’s toilet-shaped house into a museum where you can see the history of toilets and their development not only in Korea, but also in ancient Rome and the European Middle Ages. You can even check out a 1,000 year-old flushing toilet from Korea’s plumbing past.
The late Sim’s love of toilets apparently grew out his “embarrassment” of Korean public toilets and “old fashioned public conveniences,” thus sparking his bid for a toilet revolution in Suwon.
Though the theme park opened earlier this year, the BBC picking up on the story has generated an international media buzz, with reporters now all flush with interest over Suwon’s unique display of toilet heritage.

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