Osiria’s Crown Jewel, Lotte World Adventure Busan, opens

Osiria’s Crown Jewel, Lotte World Adventure Busan, opens

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Osiria Tourism Complex, a core project of ‘International Tourism City Busan’, is finally preparing to take off as the best tourist complex in the southern region as the theme park ‘Lotte World Adventure Busan’, a key facility in the Osiria tourism complex, will open.

Osiria Tourism Complex is a megaproject costing a total of 6 trillion won on a land area of ​​3.66 million square meters in Daejeon-ri and Sirang-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, and ‘Osiria’ is derived from the first letters of Orangdae and Sirangdae, which are nearby attractions.

It aims to become a luxury complex marine leisure city for all seasons that includes leisure, shopping, and theme park facilities.

The city plans to create a new sensation in the southern tourism industry by opening ‘Lotte World Adventure Busan’ in the Osiria tourist complex, which is expected to attract 20 million visitors annually.

17 types of facilities, including the first-introduced amusement facilities in Korea, such as Giant Digger and Giant Splash, will be installed and various performances will be held.

Osiria’s tourism complex struggled to attract a theme park for several years, but in November 2014, the GS Consortium was selected as the developer.

The GS Consortium invested 378 billion won in the facility project cost and built a large-scale theme park equipped with amusement facilities and ancillary facilities such as ‘Lotte World Adventure Busan’ and ‘Skyline Luge’ on a 500,000 square meter site within the Osiria Tourist Complex.

The city expects that 20 million people will visit all tourist facilities in Osria a year, including theme parks, and it is expected to have a big ripple effect on the Busan economy including employment.

In addition to theme parks, the first golf course opened in the tourist complex in 2014 attracts more than 100,000 people annually, and Lotte Outlet opened in December of the same year.

In addition, the Busan National Science Museum, which opened in 2015, attracts 1 million visitors annually, and tourists continue to visit Ananti Hilton and Ananti Penthouse as well as the coastal promenade near the beach in Gijang-eup.

Aqua World, another key facility in the tourist complex, started construction in April last year with the goal of opening in 2023 and is currently under construction. Tropical and subtropical jungle gardens are planned to be built.

In addition, various types of accommodations such as residence-type living accommodations, tourist hotels, resort-type resorts, and villa-type condos will also be entered into the Osiria Tourism Complex.

‘Villajude Ananti’, an eco-friendly resort with a land area of ​​160,000 square meters located on a hill by the seaside, is under construction with the goal of opening next year with an investment of about 580 billion won.

The villa-type condo is a high-end recreation facility that aims for privacy that emphasizes privacy has also been completed.

‘Banyan Tree Busan’ is a world-class resort with a total of 195 rooms and an investment of about 400 billion won, and aims to open in 2024.

As a result of the analysis of the economic ripple effect of the development of the Osiria tourism complex, Busan Metropolitan City Corporation reported that construction investment would generate ripple effects such as production inducement of KRW 7.4 trillion, employment inducement of 46,000 people, and added value of KRW 5.2 trillion. In the case of tax revenue, it is expected that a total of KRW 1.1 trillion in direct and indirect tax revenue will occur.

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