An outdoor skating rink open in Jinju Jan. 5-Feb. 27

Image: City of Jinju
Image: City of Jinju

An outdoor skating rink open in Jinju Jan. 5-Feb. 27

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The city of Jinju has opened an outdoor skating rink in winter in the southern plaza of Jinju Indoor Stadium.

The outdoor skating rink is operated for two months from January 5th to February 27th, with 5 sessions each for 2 hours from 10 am to 8 pm.

In order to maintain good ice quality at the outdoor skating rink, the city has improved facilities such as installing a roof over the rink and expanding the area of ​​the sledding rink, which was popular last season.

The city announced that it plans to reduce the density of users and shorten the waiting time by drastically limiting the number of people per session and implementing an online advance reservation system using the integrated reservation system on the Jinju City website.

The quarantine pass was introduced to allow entry to the outdoor skating rink and sledding rink only for those who have completed COVID-19 vaccination, and thorough quarantine measures such as the deployment of safety personnel, drying, and sterilization of skating rink equipment, and disinfection of movement passages are outstanding.

“There is a demand from citizens for a space where they can enjoy and enjoy the seasonal feeling of winter outdoors, so thorough quarantine measures have been put in place to limit the number of people to a minimum,” said a city official.

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