A perfect place to unwind for Seoulites!


Living in Seoul rarely makes you bored with fancy shopping malls, never ending food adventures, and entertaining shows & events happening everywhere. But then, you suddenly come across this moment where you miss rich greenery, mountain serenity, and tranquility of a calm lake. If you do, here is an easy solution for Seoulites with an urge for a placid natural landscape. Pack for a day trip and drive away from skyscrapers of Seoul just for 90 minutes. The Chuncheon & Gapyeong area is here to help you get away from the hectic city life.


Nami Island: A fairy world all year round

Located 30 minutes southwest of Chuncheon, the half-moon shaped Nami Island declared itself the Naminara Republic where fairy tales are alive and happiness flourishes. In the island with this interesting theme, you call the dock to Nami Island “Immigration” and the ticket, a “Visa”. Nami Island’s emblematic place, the Metasequoia lane marks the island’s spring with young leaves tinged with yellowish green. The tree road, then, boasts lush greenery in summer. The falling leaves in autumn turn the whole lane vivid yellow. Need I say more? The path covered in white snow can’t be more romantic in winter.

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Garden of Morning Calm: A garden of classic elegance

You may have seen this place on TV without knowing it’s the Garden of Morning Calm as it has been a filming location for several TV shows including the hit drama, “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”. Named after Korea’s old nickname, “the Land of Morning Calm”, the Garden of Morning Calm showcases Korea’s natural beauty and the charm of architecture built harmoniously with the surroundings. This whole botanical garden consists of 25 uniquely themed areas such as the Conifer Garden, Millennium Juniper and the Rose of Sharon Garden. You can see from a garden filled with pleasant herbal scents to the thousand-yearold juniper tree at the Garden of Morning Calm.

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Petite France: A French village in the countryside of Korea

Deep in the countryside of Gyeonggi Province, overlooking the calm Cheongpyeong Lake, is a small French cultural village called “Petite France”. From the entrance to the village, small French cottages painted in pastel colors capture visitors’ eyes.

Some of the constructions are the real 150-year-old French homes that were moved from France. Furniture and household items such as silverware used in the 18th century are displayed in the houses to show how the French people lived in the past.

Sit in the town square surrounded by buildings with red brief roofs and look down into the Cheongpyeong Lake. You will feel just as if you were having a relaxing holiday in a small rural village in France.

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