Public transportation in Busan to be reduced during nighttime hours once again

Public transportation in Busan to be reduced during nighttime hours once again

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The city of Busan announced that from the 23rd, the operation of city buses and urban railroads at night will be reduced by 20% after 10 p.m.

Since December last year, Busan City has reduced public transportation operation at night by 20-30% in accordance with the social distancing phase, but from November 1 of this year, it ended the public transportation reduction operation with the implementation of a gradual recovery of daily life.

This reduction operation is being re-implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging citizens to refrain from unnecessary movement and participate in returning home early as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city recently surged and the government’s social distancing policy was strengthened.

City buses will reduce their nighttime operation by 20% from the 23rd after 22:00, and village buses will also reduce their operation by 8% on weekdays. However, trains with an interval of more than 30 minutes or congested routes are excluded.

From the 23rd, the operation of the Busan Metro and the Busan-Gimhae Light Railroad will be reduced by 20% after 10 p.m. However, if congestion exceeds 150%, flexible adjustments and responses will be made.

The city will continue to implement quarantine measures for each means of transportation, such as regular disinfection and the provision of quarantine products.

In the case of urban railroads, all stations are disinfected once a week, major stations such as transfer stations and Gwanmun stations are disinfected once a day, and the inside of the train is disinfected three times a day.

City and village buses are also subject to mandatory ventilation before each operation and disinfection of vehicles before and after operation.

“There may be some inconvenience due to reduced public transportation at night, but we ask for your understanding as the spread of COVID-19 is very serious. Please stay at home for the time being until the spread of the virus stabilizes,” Busan Mayor Park Hyeng-joon said.

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