Pump up the summer party with these fun inflatables

Pump up the summer party with these fun inflatables

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Korea

Is there any toy that better expresses the essence of summer than an air mattress? While a cheap and cheery model is just the thing when you’re vacationing next to a lake or by the sea, there are plenty of other inflatable items designed to bring that beachy feeling close to home. Here are just a few gadgets and playthings sure to lift your summer fun to new heights:

Air lounger: Otherwise referred to as air hammocks or inflatable sofas, these comfy seats require no lung power—just run into the wind to fill up this long tube with air and fold it closed. It takes a bit of practice to nail down the technique, but your reward is a relaxing space to sit or lie down in the sun or shade instantly. These loungers are available in various sizes capable of accommodating one to three persons.

Dog swimming pool: If it seems hot out there to you, just imagine how it must feel when your body is covered with fur. Your four-legged friend definitely deserves some cooling-down action of his or her own. Dog-specific pools are made of sturdy materials that won’t get damaged by claws.

Inflatable buffet and salad serving bar: This square frame fills up with ice to keep food and beverages perfectly chilled, making it the perfect accompaniment to your next picnic or barbeque. It also floats, making it the star of any pool party.

Watermelon ball: Inspired by the neutral buoyancy of a real watermelon, this rugged ball can be passed or dribbled under the water, allowing pairs or teams to play a sport combining elements of football, basketball and rugby.

SUP paddle board: Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short, is the ultimate water sport when there’s no surf in sight, as the rider propels himself by means of arm power and a single paddle. Not only fun, this sport delivers a full-body workout. Inflatable models have the advantage of taking up less space during the off-season.

Floating island: Take to the water in numbers with a floating wonder capable of leisurely transporting up to eight adults at a time. Some of the more upscale models offer snazzy features such as sunshades or built-in coolers.

Candyland-inspired pool: What child wouldn’t love a rainbow-bright swimming pool decorated with all his or her favorite sugary treats, from swirly lollipops to candy canes? A built-in slide adds to the fun.

Inflatable spa: Ownership of your very own hot tub doesn’t have to be an impossible dream, thanks to inflatable versions that easily move whenever you do. With a minimal amount of yard space and access to electricity, your at-home hot tub promises a luxurious soak at the end of a hard day’s work.

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