Recommended destinations for December in Korea

Photo: Suanbo hot spring and Seongmodo mineral hot spring (Credit (right): Gwanghwa-gun Office)
Photo: Suanbo hot spring and Seongmodo mineral hot spring (Credit (right): Gwanghwa-gun Office)

Recommended destinations for December in Korea

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published: December 07, 2017

In hopes of visitors to Korea spending a warm winter, Korea Tourism Organization recommends these major hot spring destinations to keep your body warm this December: Cheoksan Hot Spring in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, Suanbo and Angseong Hot Springs, Haesujjim Village in Hampyeong, Halmaetang in Haeundae Hot Spring, and Seongmodo Mineral Hot Spring.

- Cheoksan Hot Spring
Cheoksan Hot Springs, located in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, is sure to soothe your body and relieve any fatigue after either a walk along the winter shore or a hike up to the Seoraksan Mountain. The natural spring waters maintains a temperature of 50℃ and contains strong alkaline, known to be effective in treating skin problems.

- Suanbo and Angseong Hot Springs
Suanbo and Angseong Hot Springs are two most representative hot spring spots in Chungju. Suanbo Hot Spring waters contain minerals for a smooth skin, whereas Angseong Hot Spring’s carbonated water offers a fizzy sensation.

- Haesujjim Village
Hampyeong’s Haesujjim Village offers a unique sauna experience that uses vapor from heated sulfurs. Sea water is used to heat the sulfurs at a 1300℃ as well as to soak towels used to cover and keep the body warm during sauna. Dolmeori Beach is also located near the Haesujjim Village, a beach known for its vast mud flat and beautiful sunset view.

- Halmaetang in Haeundae Hot Spring
Located in Busan, Haeundae Hot Spring’s Halmaetang boasts excellent quality water directly pulled up from 900 m below. Nearby attraction includes Dalmaji-gil Road where visitors can enjoy splendid scenery of the Haeundae Beach shore.

- Seongmodo Mineral Hot Spring
Seongmodo Minieral Hot Spring offers a romantic mood with its outdoor hot spring where visitors can watch the sun set as they relieve their stress in warm, soothing water.

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