Seolri Skywalk opens in Mijo-myeon, Namhae

Images: Namhae-gun
Images: Namhae-gun

Seolri Skywalk opens in Mijo-myeon, Namhae

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Seolri Skywalk, the newest tourist attraction in the region has opened its test period in Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun before its grand opening next month.

The new skywalk also includes an experience zone and along with the beautiful coastal scenery, provides some of the most stunning views of the country.

The Skywalk has a length of 79.4m, a width of 4.5m, and a height of 36.3m while its 43-meter cantilevers are the longest such structures in the country.

The width of one Skywalk glass plate is also the widest in the country at 12mm, which are bonded in triple to add more safety to the structure.

More highlights of the attraction include the “Skywalk Swing” which was produced with a “Bali Swing” motif.

The swing, located at the end of the skywalk with a height of 38-meters, offers great views of the wonderful coastal scenery.

At night, the skywalk’s unique lighting show and popular music from the speakers add to its festive atmosphere.

Tickets for the Skywalk are 2,000 won and 6,000 won for the swinging experience fee which includes the Skywalk admission fee.

Namhae residents can receive a 50% ticket discount.

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