Seoul City Wall Vip tour with Mayor Park

Seoul City Wall Vip tour with Mayor Park

by Megan Fox
SeoulMates Korea

If you’ve been reading my blog there’s no need to remind you of how in love with Seoul I am! I feel really lucky to have experienced so many aspects of the city and Korea in general. With all the great things Seoul has to offer it is really difficult to pick a favorite, but I must admit I do have one, and it’s Seoul’s City Wall.

Last month, I was thrilled to be invited to attend a VIP tour of the Seoul City Wall lead by Mayor Park! The government is currently working to preserve and beautify what has been one of Seoul’s overlooked gems for years. As of 2014 over 70% of the wall has been restored and currently projects are underway that will create a comfortable place for tourists to enjoy.

Seoul’s city wall follows the natural landscape of Seoul, curving along the ridges of Bygaksan, Naksan , Namsan and Inwangsan and stretching 18.6 km. Built over 620 years ago, the history of Korea is engraved in the many varieties of stone work, 8 city gates and surrounding tourist attractions.

A unique aspect of Seoul’s city wall is that it is easily accessible from Seoul’s subway and in close proximity to many tourism attractions, cafes and restaurants. Mayor Park’s Tour lead us along the Naksan Mountain Trail which can easily be picked up from Dongdaemun Station.

After enjoying the bustle of Dongdaemun, having a delicious meal, and looking at the modern marvel of the Dongdaemun Design center, there is no better way to step away from hustle and bustle of the city (while actually still remaining right in the city) and quietly stroll along the city wall while taking in magnificent views!

The Naksan Mountain Trail is an easy 2.1km portion of the wall and takes under an hour to walk.   Café’s, museums and shops line the outskirts of the wall making it a lovely place for tourists to stroll, or take a rest. The trail is wheel chair and stroller accessible and has public restrooms. These facilities have been recently added and is a wonderful addition to this magnificent attraction.

Yesterday was an exceptionally gorgeous day in Seoul, and there was truly no better place to be then enjoying the tranquil city wall while learning about the history and rebuilding efforts from Mayor Parks perspective.
If you are a resident or visitor of Korea do not miss the opportunity to visit a portion of Seoul’s wall. For more information visit or pick up the ‘Seoul City Wall Guide Book’ at any tourist information center.

If you’d like to see more media coverage of the Mayor’s VIP tour you can visit any of the following news agency links:

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